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Marketplace Bible Institute & Resource Center Inc. is a faith-focused, non-profit, vocational discipleship resource that offers convenient, college-level, online audio lecture classes for your personal enrichment. Listen and study on your laptop, iPad, or iPhone. No textbooks are required. These classes are built around your schedule and your time restraints. Your Bible is your sole companion for each course.

The institute is affiliated with Trinity College of the Bible in Newburgh, IN, the pioneer of Theological Distance Learning for over forty years.  Each audio lecture is approximately 25-30 minutes in length and is presented by qualified faculty members with doctoral credentials.

The convenience to study online without leaving home or office makes learning easier for today’s marketplace Christ-follower. Your small donation allows unlimited logins to the online audio lecture you select. Each class is designed  for your learning enjoyment without the additional pressure of deadlines, group presentations, or competitive grading. You may take one day, one week, or one year to complete each series. You manage the course around your schedule!

This is what marketplace Christ-followers serving in a business calling are discovering:  MBIRC provides you with Biblical insight and relevant resources for you to learn, integrate, and grow your faith and business in Christ for God’s glory and for the sake of others.


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