Women in Scripture and Church History #1140

How about a personal study of the women of the Bible and the impact they made in the lives of others? Dr. Pamela Peterson reviews the role of women in Scripture and throughout history.  She focuses on how they lived their faith while making an impact in the world around them.16 Lectures, Audio Lesson # 1140.

General Outline

1A.                Intro – Overview of Women’s Roles In Church Through History

1B.                Biblical Concepts vs. Radical Feminism

2A.                Women Who Influenced The Church

2B.                Comments from Early Writers Regarding Women in Church History

3A.                Women From the Wesley Holiness Movement

3B.                Biblical & Early Christian Sources of Women Prophesying, Teaching, and Serving

4A.                Charitable Service Roles in the Early Church

4B.                Early Description of Offices & Authority Structure of the Church

5A.                Social Roles & Community Structures of the Early Church

5B.                Early Church Assemblies

6A.                Women’s Functions in the Early Church

6B.                Cultural Context

7.                  Difficulty of Unanimity of the Church Fathers

8A.                Philosophy & History of Feminism

8B.                Feminist Theology in Review


These courses are designed to increase one’s knowledge of various Christian worldviews from a Biblical perspective and not necessarily those of the Marketplace Bible Institute & Resource Center Inc.