New Testament Theology #1100

Want a quick survey of the New Testament? Dr. Blumenstein takes you through the various themes of the New Testament. Through 24 lectures he reviews the critical doctrines, principles, and theological streams that run throughout the gospel and letters of the New Testament.  Audio Lesson #1100.


1A.           Intro to Christian, Biblical, and New Testament Theology

1B.           Critical Issues Pertaining To New Testament Theology

2A.           Overview of the Synoptic Gospels

2B.           Christology and Discipleship Within the Gospel

3A.           Gospel of Matthew

3B.           Gospel of Mark

4A.           Gospel of Luke

4B.           Gospel of Luke – Part 2; Parable of The Lost Son

5A.           Book of Acts

5B.           Book of Romans

6A.           Book of Romans-Part 2; Book of Galatians

6B.           Book of Corinthians 1 & 2

7A.           Book of Thessalonians 1 & 2

7B.           Pastoral Epistles: Timothy 1 & 2, Titus

8A.           Prison Epistles: Philippians, Philemon

8B.           Book of  Ephesians & Colossians

9A.           Book of Hebrews & Catholic Epistles

9B.           Book of James

10A          Book of 1 Peter

10B.         Book of 2 Peter and Jude

11A.         Gospel of John

11B.         Epistles of John 1, 2, and 3

12A.         Book of Revelation

12B.         Book of Revelation – Part 2

These courses are designed to increase one’s knowledge of various Christian worldviews from a Biblical perspective and not necessarily those of the Marketplace Bible Institute & Resource Center Inc.