Christianity and Competing Worldviews #3010

What is the primary difference between Christianity and other worldviews? Through 18 lectures you will learn to group worldviews into different categories to quickly determine a person’s perspective of life. You will reach a better understanding of the differences between your faith and your neighbor’s beliefs. You will learn to discuss your faith with others from their point point of view.


Audio Lesson #3010 BY Dr. Edward N. Martin


1A. Introduction & Preview
1B. What Does God Cause to Happen in the World?
2A. What are the Triune God’s Main Attributes?
2B. More Attributes of the Triune God
3A. How To Analyze a Worldview?
3B. How Consistency & Coherence Impacts Your Worldview
4A. How Creation Showcases God’s Attributes
4B. Basis of Beliefs
5A. Understanding How Beliefs are Changed and Developed
5B. Theories of Beliefs
6A. Definitions of Various Philosophies
7A. The Scope of a Worldview
7B. Basic Construction of Various Worldviews – Islam
8A. Basic Construction of Various Worldviews – Power Ethics
8B. Basic Construction of Various Worldviews – Marxist
9A. Basic Construction of Various Worldviews – Humanism/Post Modernism
9B. Basic Construction of Various Worldviews – Syncretism/Existentialism


These courses are designed to increase one’s knowledge of various Christian worldviews from a Biblical perspective and not necessarily those of the Marketplace Bible Institute & Resource Center Inc.