Understanding Anxiety and Depression #4010

Want to better understand anxiety and depression from both a spiritual and physiological perspective? Dr. Jeffrey Forrey surveys the current views on the causes and treatment of anxiety and depression and challenges the learner to focus on a biblical anthropology by examining these conditions from both a spiritual and physiological perspective. 12 Lectures, Audio Lesson # 4010.

General Outline

1A                        Examples of Various Anxieties

1B                        Understanding Your Biblical “Heart”

2A                        How Depression & Anxiety is Viewed

2B                        Level s of Prevention

3A                        Emotional Disorders

3B                        Characteristics of Hope

4A                        Sanity & Insanity

4B                        The Ministry of the Anxious Believer

5A                        The Problem of a Biblical Perspective

5B                        Anxiety from a Biblical Perspective

6A                        Feelings of Unworthiness

6B                        Support for the Anxious Believer


These courses are designed to increase one’s knowledge of various Christian worldviews from a Biblical perspective and not necessarily those of the Marketplace Bible Institute & Resource Center Inc.