Comparative Analysis of Human Psychology #4000

How can you determine if a person’s perspective is Biblical or Humanistic?  Don’t fall into the trap of believing everything to read and hear is truly Christ-centered or not. Dr. Brownback through 22 lectures  discusses the ways you can quickly distinguish between the two. He does an excellent presentation on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of psychology in relationship to the Christian walk. Audio Lesson #4000

General Outline

1A.                Laying The Groundwork For Counseling

1B.                The Confusion within Psychology

2A.                Between Psychology & Biblical Counseling

2B.                Psychology and Biblical Counseling Together

3A.                Is Scripture Sufficient in Counseling?

3B.                Necessity for Wisdom

4A.                Three Territory Approach

4B.                Bias of Psychology Research

5A.                Which Field of Psychology is most Reliable?

5B.                Psychology Research and Therapy

6A.                Personality Theory

6B.                Personality  Theory – Part !

7A.                Effectiveness of Personality Theory

7B.                Research Findings on Personality Theory

8A.                Personality Theory From a Biblical Perspective

8B.                Personality Theory From a Biblical Perspective-2

9A.                Empirical Evidence – Victim

9B.                Empirical Evidence – Disease

10A.              Counseling Core Based on Scripture

10B.              Psychology Helps Cognitive Theory


These courses are designed to increase one’s knowledge of various Christian worldviews from a Biblical perspective and not necessarily those of the Marketplace Bible Institute & Resource Center Inc.