Art of Mentoring #1130

If you have the heart to pour yourself into other people, than this series is for you. Dr. Terry Wise gives 28 lectures covering the concepts, strategies, and techniques to better mentor others in their walk with Christ. The information is applicable within the Church and Marketplace environment. Audio Lesson #1130 By Dr. Terry Wise



1A.                Discipleship or Mentoring

1B.                Jesus – Our Mentoring Model

2A.                Biblical Mentoring Examples

2B.                More Biblical Mentoring Examples

3A.                The Mentoring Relationship

3B.                Paul & Timothy – An Example

4A.                Aspects of Accountability

4B.                Barriers of Finding a Mentor

5A.                Information To Share With Each Other

5B.                How To Avoid an Infective Mentor

6A.                Ten Commandments for Mentorship

6B.                How To Select an Effective Mentor

7A.                Three Levels of Mentorship

7B.                Three Levels of Mentorship – Part 2

8A.                The Mentoring Disciple

8B.                The Mentoring Spiritual Guide

9A.                The Mentoring Coach

9B.                The Mentoring Counselor

10A.              The Mentoring Teacher

10B.              The Mentoring Sponsor

11A.              The Balanced Approach Toward Mentoring

11B.              Mentoring Strategies

12A.              Mentoring Within The Church

12B.              Running The Race To Win

13A.              The CEO Approach


These courses are designed to increase one’s knowledge of various Christian worldviews from a Biblical perspective and not necessarily those of the Marketplace Bible Institute & Resource Center Inc or its affiliates.