Letter From Executive Director

Dear Fellow Learner:

In a recent conversation with several business men and women, the question was asked “what is the one thing you would do differently if you could relive life over again in the business world?”   My reply startled some of the them and made others quickly reevaluate their situation.

For my answer was simple; “to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead in all my business undertakings.”  Even though I surrendered to Lord Jesus at 17 years of age, my understanding of how business, ministry, and faith integrated was almost non-existent.  I did not understand how my “business life” could be a ministry that glorifies God and serves others for the common good. At the time church pastors were not teaching about it and there were very few resources that addressed the idea. It has taken many years, much prayer, and sacrificial work searching to discover how this integration works. I often consider that if I had a mentor, how different things might have been. That is why I now encourage men and women today to diligently seek-out spiritual business mentors willing to coach them on how to fully integrate all aspects of life that leads to the most adventurous journey rooted in Jesus Christ.

I believe this online resource is also one way to assist today’s and future marketplace leaders to gain the knowledge and insight of fully living as a Christ-follower in today’s marketplace.  It is designed to be convenient with audio lectures and faith-focused, practical material specifically for the marketplace Christ-follower who is seeking to influence the business culture with a Christ-Centered perspective.

Yes, God loves you and cares about your business. He wants you to succeed but on His terms. Therefore, explore this site, discover a topic that interests you now, and begin a journey by investing your time in the study of who God is, how He works, and where you can participate with Him in His plan of redemption for all creation – including the marketplace.


Yours in Christ,


Dr. Mike Surowiec, Founder & Executive Director
Marketplace Bible Institute & Resource Center, Inc. (non-profit)

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