The articles below may spark interest for you. Explore their worldview. Discover these concepts through the eyes of the Triune God. Enjoy the process of how to learn and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Challenge yourself.  Integrate what you learn in His presence twenty-four seven.  Develop a deeper relationship with our Heavenly Father, King & Lord, and Holy Spirit. Read and learn.

 Is There Room For Christian Business Leaders?

Follow Me as I Follow the Cash = Oops, I Mean Christ?

Are You Brutally Intolerant With Your Core Values?

Culture Trumps Strategy in Business Success

The Power of Conversationalist Leadership

Execution: Translating Future Plans into Reality

Believers in the Business World: The Green Family

The Culture to Cultivate

How Do I Find a Coach for Me?

Creating a Culture of Excellence

Mythmakers: Gospel, Culture and the Media

Why Is Theology Important?

17 Big Companies That Are Intensely Religious

Taking God to Work

A New Approach to Faith at Work


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