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E-Books by Dr. Mike

What makes a disciple of Jesus Christ a radical?  How does a passionate Christ-follower radically integrate faith with business, family, and personal purposes without being classified as a religious fanatic? Why even be a radical disciple of Jesus Christ? Dr. Mike answers these and other questions while reviewing the poem “I Am a Disciple of His.”  With his down-to-earth insight sharing what a radical life in Christ truly resembles, the reader looks into the heart of a believer struggling & growing in the faith.  “Be Radical…Follow Christ” is more than just about a one-way ticket to heaven. It is one person’s adventurous journey of transformation rooted in Jesus Christ. It is about discovering, exploring and enjoying life to the fullest in Christ!


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How does God, Church, and Faith make your business great? How does one integrate theology into everyday business strategy? What is the best model to follow in cultivating a business culture that flourishes?

This research involved a case study of six profitable companies: Hobby Lobby, Chic-Fil-A, Tyson Foods, Ford Motor Company, Google, and The Walt Disney Company. Each company culture is categorized as either Christian-focused, faith-friendly or faith-neutral and the findings compared with the attributes of the Triune God. Each case study also focuses on the company’s cultural core values, beliefs, and norms and demonstrates their compatibility with the Triune God’s economic and ontological attributes in their relationship with humanity. The research then identified the two most prominent cultural values found in all six companies that emulate the Triune God and when implemented produced the greatest impact throughout the organization and business community.

This study also argues from the perspective that business is a ministry, a calling to serve God and take part in his mission of bettering the lives of others via multiple means. Further, the dynamics of the relationship between the Triune God with humanity openly demonstrates the standard of good business practices to follow.

Overall, this research will help one to better understand the workings of God, Church, and Faith as being integrated into everyday life as the ideal model for a greater business impact in the community and one’s fulfillment in life’s adventurous journey of faith.


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Why is Paul’s theology of ministry still important for us in the 21st century? From his days before conversion, his experience of conversion, and life after conversion, we find what shaped the focus and approach to his ministry. Enjoy a quick study of how he simply delivered the message of the Lord Jesus Christ in his everyday journey through the marketplace, synagogue, and residential abodes.


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What do Islam and Christianity teach about gender equality within the marriage relationship? This quick-read booklet compares and contrasts the marriage covenant between a man and woman from their respective faith. An excellent, summary review to better understand the differences of each faith as it relates to gender equality within the marriage relationship.


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